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Our Services

Arboricultural Services


We offer tree services to both domestic and commercial clients.


All our tree surgery is carried out by qualified staff using specialist equipment to ensure safe, efficient completion of each task.  All work is covered by a £10 million insurance policy and carried out to British Standards 3998:2010.   We have a reputation for clean, tidy workmanship and make every effort to leave each site in the same condition as it is when work commences.


Tree Care


Tree Pruning

This has two main benefits; firstly, pruning can help a tree to look more aesthetically pleasing and secondly, it can help to maintain and even improve the health of the tree, leading to an environment that is safer for everybody.


Pollarding is a method of pruning where the branches are cut back to a selected point and on a regular basis; typically every three to five years the regrowth is removed again.  This can create a dense fast growing foliage.

Crown Thinning

There are multiple benefits to thinning the crown of a tree; by removing some of the smaller or tertiary branches, more light can travel through the tree, plus there will be less wind resistance and a reduction in weight.

Crown Reduction

Crown reduction refers to the reduction in height and/or spread of the crown (the foliage-bearing portions) of a tree.  Crown reduction may be used to reduce mechanical stress on individual branches or the whole tree, to make the tree more suited to its immediate environment or to reduce the effects of shading and light loss etc.

Fruit Tree Pruning

We’re happy to take on the pruning of fruit trees to encourage fruit production, and recommend that we do this over a number of years to get unruly trees back in order.


Hedge Care


As well as trees, we are also capable of tackling the pruning and trimming of large hedges.  Our mobile elevated work platform means we can deal with even the largest of hedges.


Tree Felling


Tree felling may be necessary to create space in your garden, or to remove trees which are dead or potentially hazardous.

Tree felling is done in one of two ways; whole or in pieces. When there is the space to fell a tree with no risk to property, a tree can be felled quickly and safely whole, and removed.


Precision Dismantling

Precision dismantling of a tree is usually the approach that we take when there is less space to play with around the tree and felling may not be the best option.  


Stump Grinding / Removal


After a tree has been removed/felled, the last thing to do to ensure it doesn’t grow back is to remove the stump left in the ground.

We can remove any number of stumps in one visit.  We are happy to do this after we have removed / felled a tree or even as a stand-alone service for trees that have already been brought down by somebody else.

All arisings are cleared from site with the use of woodchippers. Chippings may be left on site, at the client’s request.




There are some important things to take into consideration when planning to alter your garden:


Nesting Birds


All nesting birds and their eggs are protected by law.  This means that during nesting session (February until August) it is possible that you may have birds nesting in your trees.  Please be aware that this may limit or prevent us from working on that tree or hedge until the nest is unoccupied. 


Species of Tree


When carrying out reduction work on a tree, we need to consider the health and welfare of the tree.  Certain species can handle heavy reductions whilst others cannot.